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The Company – Rustic Edge Events Hire operating as Rustic Edge Events Hire
The Client – The person(s) entering into the booking agreement or a third party acting on their behalf.
The Booking Agreement – Document provided to the client either in the form of a booking form with services itemised, or a written quotation.


Applicable to all bookings​

1.1 Rustic Edge Events Hire will provide the services and/or equipment specified on the booking agreement provided to the client.

1.2 Rustic Edge Events Hire will install & remove equipment within the timescales specified on the booking agreement. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure access to the venue and setup area is available during these times as agreed previously.

1.3 It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the venue booked has adequate space available to set-up and load in equipment safely. We must be made aware of any difficulties such as sets of stairs or long walkways to carry equipment along. 

1.4 In the event of structural, physical or technical deficiencies in a venue or its electrical supply spoiling the operation of the equipment, Rustic Edge Events Hire will not be held responsible and no refund will be given.

1.5 The Client will ensure that the venue has access to a reliable, safe and a properly earthed power supply. Rustic Edge Events cannot be held responsible for inadequate power supply access and no refund will be given should this be the case.
1.6 The Client will provide adequate supervision of all guests and/or customers and/or staff at the venue and will be liable for any theft or damage to Rustic Edge Events Hire’s equipment caused by said guests, customers, staff or the Client’s nominated users of the equipment. Rustic Edge Events Hire reserve the right to terminate their services at any point should we feel that our personal safety or equipment is at risk. During hire period, responsibility of Rustic Edge Events Hire’s equipment lies with the Client. 

1.7 To confirm a booking, a ‘Secure Your Date’ deposit of £20 is required. This fee is non-refundable as stated on initial invoice. Payment of this figure is deemed as signing our contract and agreeing to the terms and conditions of hire from Rustic Edge Events Hire. 

1.8 The client is required to pay the remaining balance no later than 28 days (4 weeks exactly) prior to the date of the event requested. If payment is not made, then at our discretion, our services may not be provided and you will not be eligible for a refund.

1.9 Payments are to be made by BACS payment to Rustic Edge Events Hire. Payment details can be found at the bottom of our invoice. 

1.10 In the event of the Client wishing to cancel a booking, any booking fee that has been paid will be forfeited. Any cancellation made within 4 weeks of event (providing balance has been settled) will be susceptible to a partial refund of 50%. 

1.11 In the event of the Rustic Edge Events Hire failing to provide the services agreed, we shall be liable to compensate the Client up to an amount not exceeding the invoice total agreed.

1.12 Whilst we will try our upmost to attend every function and provide a high standard of service, should we be prevented from doing so for any reason outside its control (including mechanical breakdown, equipment failure, sickness, adverse weather conditions, acts of God, civil unrest or war) Rustic Edge Events Hire shall not incur any liability for its non-fulfilment provided the Client is informed at the earliest opportunity. The Client is advised to take out event insurance to cover this.

1.13 All items are subject to availability and where it is unavoidable, suitable substitutions will be made providing it has been agreed with the Client.

1.14 If in the unlikely event you feel that our service was not to the standard you were expecting, complaints need to be made in writing to the email address given on the initial invoice within 14 days of your event date and we will do our upmost to come to an amicable resolution.

1.19 All advertised prices include VAT at the current UK rate, unless otherwise stated.


2. Hire Goods

2.1. General

  • All prices are inclusive of VAT (see 1.19). Delivery charge will be disclosed on initial invoice. 

  • Our standard hire covers a period of 24 hours.  Additional days or time will be charged out at a standard day rate.

  • The hired equipment is solely intended for use and storage indoors unless specifically designed and manufactured for use outdoors. If the equipment is used or stored outdoors the hirer is fully responsible for damage caused by the weather or any other associated hazard.

2.2. Loss or Damage to Hired Goods

  • Losses, breakages or damage will be charged at current market value + the potential cost of any loss of earnings. Minor scratches, dents or breaks will be classes as broken and will require compensating. No substitute items will be accepted under any circumstances.  

  • In respect of any Hire Goods which are lost, stolen or damaged beyond economic repair during the Hire Period the Customer will be required to:
    Pay to the Rustic Edge Events Hire the new replacement cost for any Hire Goods.

  • The Customer shall remain liable to pay the Rental for the Hire Goods until they have been collected from the place of the event.

  • In the event of a breakdown or unsatisfactory working of hired equipment, Rustic Edge Events Hire should be notified of the fault. Under no circumstances should an attempt be made to repair the equipment unless express permission is granted by the ourselves.

2.3. Ownership & Insurance

  • Liability and responsibility of the safe-keeping of Rustic Edge Events Hire’s Hired Goods will fall to the Client once delivery of said items has been completed. This will be when the Goods have left our physical possession. Liability and responsibility of Hired Goods will not return to Rustic Edge Events Hire until Hired Goods have been collected at the pre-agreed collection time either discussed with the Client or the Venue. In most cases, Venues will not be held liable or responsible for the safe-keeping of any Hired Goods. This clause is generally disclosed in the Venues terms and conditions of hire.

  • Any changes in price once agreement has been made will not affect the hire agreement signed for.

2.4. Care of Hire Goods

Agreeing to the terms and conditions of hire, the Customer is adhering to:-

  • not remove any labels from and/or interfere with the Hired Goods, their working mechanisms or any other parts of them. The Client shall take reasonable care of the Hired Goods and only use them for their proper purpose in a safe and correct manner in accordance with any operating and/or safety instructions provided or supplied to the Customer;

  • notify the Supplier immediately after any breakdown, loss and/or damage to the Hire Goods. This will minimise damage and also any risk that may occur from improper use;

  • take adequate and proper measures to protect the Hire Goods from theft, damage, misuse and/or other risks;

  • notify Rustic Edge Events Hire of any change of its address and upon the Supplier’s request provide details of the location of the Hire Goods;

  • keep the Hire Goods at all times their possession and control and not to remove the Hire Goods from the location where the Customer is located;

  • not continue to use Hire Goods where they have been damaged and will notify Rustic Edge Events Hire immediately if the Hire Goods are involved in an accident resulting in damage to the Hire Goods, other property and/or injury to any person; 

  • ensure that any other contractors that operate the Hired Goods are, if applicable, adequately and sufficiently qualified and trained to operate the Hired Goods in accordance with all current legal legislation.

2.5. Transporting your items – deliveries and collections

  • Deliveries and Collections are quoted for door to door by a single driver. Hirers should ensure that they or someone to represent them are at the delivery address to receive/return the goods. Wasted journeys will be charged for. Please ensure that you have sufficient manual assistance on hand to help with the moving/siting and removal of equipment. Where delivery entails our staff moving goods to specific areas and/or having to reassemble equipment after use and extra time is involved, additional charges will be made however these will be made clear beforehand.

  • We will make every endeavour to effect delivery and collection at the times indicated by the hirer. Removal will be as soon as possible, but all equipment cannot be collected immediately after use from all sites. Drivers collecting goods are not authorised to return deposits however they are able to check goods.

  • Queries on goods received must be notified immediately. If the Client has any cause for complaint concerning the conditions, suitability or performance of equipment hired, Rustic Edge Events Hire should be notified immediately. No consideration for redress will be given to a grievance once the equipment has been used.

  • The Customer shall remain responsible and liable for any loss, damage or theft to the Hire Goods until the Hire Goods are collected by Rustic Edge Events Hire or their representatives unless they fail to collect the Hire Goods within 1 working day from the end of the Hire Period where upon then, the responsibility and liability shall return to that of Rustic Edge Events Hire.

2.6. Cancellation and alternation terms

  • If, for any reason, you wish to cancel your Hire Agreement you should contact us by email (, quoting your order reference number/invoice number. This can be found on the top left hand corner on your order confirmation. All cancellations must be confirmed in writing and will only become effective on receipt of your cancellation email. You will incur a cancellation charge the amount of which will be dependent upon the length of notice we receive from you.

  • Please refer to cancellations in section 1.10.

2.7. Payment Terms

  • Payment is due in ‘Advance of Delivery’. Please see sections 1.7 and 1.8 for full payment details.

  • If the Customer fails to make any payment in full on the due date, Rustic Edge Events Hire reserve the right to add a one off small levy (5%) of the total hire cost for late payment.

  • The Customer shall pay all sums due to Rustic Edge Events Hire under this Contract without any set-off, deduction, counterclaim and/or any other withholding of monies.

2.8. Peace of Mind – Insurance

  • For your peace of mind we would recommend that a suitable insurance be taken out by yourself as all Hired Goods become the responsibility of the Client from delivery until return or collection, including equipment left at other premises. You should therefore make every effort to ensure the equipment is kept dry, safe and retained in a secure place until this time. Other than Public Liability Insurance, no insurance is provided by Rustic Edge Events Hire.


3. General

3.1. Applicable to all bookings:

  • These terms and conditions shall be deemed severable. The illegality, invalidity or unenforceability of any part of these terms and conditions will not affect the legality, validity or enforceability of the remainder.

  • Failure by Rustic Edge Events Hire to enforce these terms and conditions shall not be construed as a waiver of any of its rights under it.

  • Rustic Edge Events Hire shall not be responsible for any breach of these afore mentioned Terms and Conditions caused by circumstances beyond reasonable control.

  • We reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time. Continuing with Hire Agreement constitutes your acceptance of any of these changes to the Terms and Conditions. 


4. Co-ordination

Payments made to Rustic Edge Events Hire are non transferable.

The Client will be held liable for all costs of repair or replacement. In the event that any person present at an event damages any equipment provided or supplied by Rustic Edge Events Hire at a function, full repair or replacement up to the market value of the damaged goods will be required. See section 2.2 for details. 

Rustic Edge Events Hire cannot be held liable in the unlikely event of any third party supplies or suppliers not arriving or supplying their products and/or service/s arranged by Rustic Edge Events Hire on the client’s behalf which are not part of Rustic Edge Events Hire.

It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that all monies are paid promptly and correctly to all their suppliers.

The Suppliers shall make all reasonable effort to deliver goods within the agreed timescales, but does not accept liability for any failure to deliver within that time. If you would like your Products to be delivered by alternative means then advertised please contact the Supplier using the contact details supplied on the order page and the Supplier may, at the Supplier’s discretion, provide an alternative means.

If you have any complaints, you should direct them to the Supplier via the details given on your order.

The third party operator will have their own terms and conditions and privacy policy and it is up to you to indicate your consent.

While Rustic Edge Events Hire select our trading partners with care, Rustic Edge Events Hire cannot be held liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which you may suffer as a result of your decision to enter any dealings or transactions with a trading partner or any third party. Please ensure you are aware of whom you are contracting with and the relevant terms and conditions prior to entering into any contract even if arranged on your behalf by Rustic Edge Events Hire.

You understand that Rustic Edge Events Hire, services are provided “AS-IS” and on a “Best Effort” basis. Rustic Edge Events Hire is not responsible for loss of data, non deliveries, miss deliveries, or service interruptions of third parties.

We thoroughly vet all of the third party suppliers that we work with to ensure quality of goods and of service. We do extremely thorough checks to recommend professional and good suppliers, however we are unable to give any guarantee as to the quality or suitability of third party service providers or their goods or service. Therefore in the unlikely event that a supplier does not meet your expectations, we cannot be held responsible for all third party supplier services. Therefore no liability shall attach to us in respect of any claims arising out of any cancellation of such planning.

Rustic Edge Events Hire will not be liable for any non-compliance by you of any third party supplier contract terms.

Third party contracts, and the performance of these suppliers, are beyond the control of Rustic Edge Events Hire that may arise and we do not accept any liability for the unsatisfactory performance of a third party supplier. If the Proposal Document includes it, we will attend your wedding day to over-see the coordination of the planned events and will strive to ensure the highest standards are met.

If a payment is made on your behalf to the supplier it is your responsibility to be aware of their terms and conditions and any complaints should be made to the supplier directly as they shall send you the original contract. Rustic Edge Events Hire will therefore have absolutely no further involvement in such contracts nor can they be held liable for any issues or non delivery of services arranged.


5. Disputes and Contract

5.1. This agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter, shall be exclusively governed by, and construed in accordance with, the law of England and Wales.

i) If any provision of the Contract (or part of any provision) is found by any court or other authority of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision or part-provision shall, to the extent required, be deemed not to form part of the Contract, and the validity and enforceability of the other provisions of the Contract shall not be affected.

ii) If a provision of the Contract (or part of any provision) is found illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the provision shall apply with the minimum modification necessary to make it legal, valid and enforceable.

iii) You will not, without the prior written consent of Rustic Edge Events Hire, assign, transfer, subcontract, declare a trust of or deal in any manner with all or any of its rights or obligations under the Agreement.

iv) I may at any time assign, transfer, or subcontract, all or any of the rights of Rustic Edge Events Hire under this Agreement and may subcontract or delegate in any manner any or all of the obligations of the Wedding Planner to you to any third party or agent.

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